Food For Thought

Today is a New Day... Starting each day with an Attitude of Gratitude can be life changing. Here's a suggestion and a gift from us: Why not personally begin each day by sending a note of love, appreciation or encouragement to someone no matter what your own set of circumstances may be? For many of us, we've had that true test of faith. Yet, as Leo Buscaglia says, "Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy." Believe in choosing to live each day joyfully... We invite you to do the same. And, for a free gift from us, click here to send a free card to someone you care about. Drawing Boundary Lines We speak of seeking perfect balance in our lives. Yet that sort of balance implies that things must be steady or stable, or that a sense of comfortable equilibrium has been established. Who are we fooling, really? Things are simply moving too fast for most of us. Many of us are wearing countless hats, spinning far too many plates, or juggling more responsibilities than ever before. And on top of that we find that we are expected to sacrifice more of something that is already in short supply or that we just do not have in pursuit of that elusive balance. So, to be truly in balance suggests-for me-- that Life is stuck in a dispassionate state of stasis. A dead zone. No growth. Going nowhere. Or to quote one of my clients: "My life and I will be in perfect balance when I am dead."

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